The Parish Council purchased some daffodil bulbs that were planted rather late in November but have appeared over the past week or so with the warm weather to add some colour to the verges. Thanks to all those who helped with the planting!

NOTE!: All Parish Council Play Parks have been CLOSED in the interest of public safety and to help in reducing the spread of Covid-19.


Local Pharmacy:
Roundway Pharmacy – Tel: 01865 766994

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:00pm, Sat 9:00am-1:00pm
    Free Deliveries: Mon, Wed, Fri


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SODC Update:

The Government is still reviewing the situation with SODC Local Plan 2034. See latest response from Government Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government here (7-Jan-20).

For more detailed and up to date information, visit this Headington News page 


Here is an article, written by Paul Morris from Risinghurst, on hedgehogs and what we might do to help them survive the winter and beyond.

Friends of Bayswater Brook (FBB):

This is a new group set up to focus and highlight the campaign to protect the Green Belt contained in the area denoted by Land North Of Bayswater Brook from any housing development. It is hoped that as many local residents as possible from Barton, Elsfield and Sandhills will join this group and help with this campaign. You can follow news of this group here on Facebook.  More information to follow soon.

SODC Councillors Visit to LNBB: On Saturday 27 July, Sue Cooper (Leader of SODC) and Sarah Gray (SODC Councillor for Forest Hill & Holton) visited LNBB. Walking from Barton Community Centre, along Bayswater Road north to the footpath which runs west to the Sydlings Copse-Barton footpath, with residents from Barton, Elsfield and Sandhills, they were able to see for themselves the extent of the proposed development within the Green Belt and its proximity to Barton itself and the SSSI at Sydlings Copse. The 2 councillors then visited Sandhills. It was a most useful visit to both locations and we thank them for their time.

Sue Cooper stated that SODC won’t be making any serious decisions on LP2034 until September and much will depend on the inspectors and their final decision on the numbers put forward by the City Council for Oxford’s unmet housing need; she repeated several times that this (Oxford’s unmet housing need) is the key determinant of what will or won’t be up for grabs in the Green Belt strategic allocations around the city. (30 Jul-19) See News Archive for previous reports on this topic.

Barton Underpass Art Project: A public consultation is taking place until the end of August 2019 to determine what local residents would like to see included in the mural that is planned to be painted on the underpass between Barton and Headington . Use the  Questionnaire to let Katy Cockram, Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinator for Barton, Risinghurst and Sandhills know your views.

Footpath to Stanton St John from Bridle Path: There is currently a campaign against the closure of the footpath from the bridle path between Sandhills and Forest Hill to Stanton St John (here). Residents of Barton, Sandhills and Forest Hill and walkers who have used this path for 20+ years will be asked to submit User Evidence Statements in the hope that we can eventually have this path designated a Public Right of Way. We will keep you informed and let you know how best we will collect these statements. Many residents and walkers have stated they have used this path for over 20 years prior to closure.

Annual Parish Meeting: This meeting took place on the 21st May at which the Chairman’s Report and the Statement of Accounts for the year were presented.

Controlled Parking Zones – see News Archive page for previous posts.

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