15/12/22 Update: Oxford City Council Planning  Committee decided unanimously to approve the planning application for Thornhill Park 21/01695/FUL

The committee meeting is on You Tube at https://youtu.be/I9W6MO8eh0w  if you wish to watch it.



13th December 2023 Thornhill Park planning application  is due for a decision this evening

The application will be considered by the Planning Committee of Oxford City Council from 6.00pm on Tuesday 13/12/22. The documents with the planning officer’s report, and recommendation for approval, can be accessed at:


24th November 2022 Update on Thornhill Park planning application

The planning officer for Oxford City Council has advised the Parish Council that the November planning committee was cancelled. The planning application is now scheduled to be heard by the Planning Committee on 13th December 22

If you would like to speak (either for or against) you can book  by e-mailing the committee services officer on: [email protected] by 12 noon on the day before the committee  (Monday 12/12/22) and give the Thornhill Park application reference 21/01695/FUL and whether you are speaking for or against.

The agenda will be published the week prior to the meeting at:


24th October 2022 – Thornhill Park planning application 2 updates:

Update 1: assuming that there are no delays, it is likely to go to the planning committee on 15 November

Update 2: The planning officer has amended the description of the proposed development. The planning application itself has not changed, so you do not need to submit your comments again.

All of the drawings and supporting technical reports remain the same but the description needed to be re-advertised for completeness. You will see new notices at the playing field park gates. The new description reads as follows:

Demolition of The Cottage building. Partial demolition and alterations to Forest Lodge building. Erection of 402 apartments (Class C3), a 133-bed hotel (Class C1), employment provision in the form of offices, with additional mixed use accommodation to include gym, café and restaurant (all within Class E), public open space, associated landscape, bicycle and car parking and the provision of a new vehicular access onto the A40 (amended plans, description and supporting information)


UPDATE – September 2022

Planning Application Resubmission 21/01695/FUL

Representatives from the design team attended the Parish Council meeting on 29/09/22 at 7.00pm for a short Q&A before the formal meeting started at  Wood Centre for Innovation, Douglas Downes Close off Quarry Road, Oxford OX3 8SB. 

  • The main changes from the original submission are reduced building heights and revised footprints to some of the buildings (see Thornhill park oxford and Das addendum documents on planning website):
    • Innovation centre: reduced from 5 storeys to 4 storeys
    • Hotel: reduced from 5 part 6 storeys to 4 storeys, moved 25.9m away from the western boundary
    • Block A: a full storey has been taken off from submission scheme, reduced from 4 storeys to 3 storeys and the parapet height has been reduced from 1100mm to 600mm; moved an additional 2m away from the western boundary
    • Terraces: moved an additional 4m away from the boundary; removed 4-bed triplex units and replaced with 4-bed lateral flats and overall height reduced because of change of pitch to flat roof
    • Block D: reduced from 4 part 5 storeys to 3 part 4 storeys; moved a further 2.7 metres away from the south-west boundary
    • Block E: filled in link block and setbacks on top floor, retaining the same number of storeys as previous scheme while infill makes up for apartments lost from
    • Blocks A, D and Block F: Reduced from part 5 and 6 storeys to part 4 and 5 storeys; removed rooftop amenity
    • Block G, H and I: Reduced from 5 storeys to 4 storeys; building footprint increased to accommodate lost apartments; rooftop amenity added to Block H

The Parish Council’s submitted response to this planning application can be seen HERE.

Nielsen’s Site – Thornhill Park Development

Public meeting 29th July 6.15pm online: Planning Application Thornhill Park Oxford 21/01695/FUL

This long-awaited planning application by Shaviram for further development at Thornhill Park In Risinghurst has been validated and is open to consultation now. The developers designs and plans can be seen and commented on at www.thornhillparkoxford.co.uk/consultation/

Meet the developer: Following advice from Public Health Oxford, a physical meeting to look at the plans and discuss them has been cancelled. A leaflet to nearby residents has been delivered, you can view it here Thornhill Park leaflet to residents. An online public meeting will be held on Thursday 29th July at 6.15pm to attend this please email [email protected]

Comment to the Planning Authority: To register a formal comment to the planning authority at Oxford City Council please login in to www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20000/planning and search for planning application 21/01695/FUL and there is an online form to complete. The deadline for public comment is 11th August 2021.

July 2021:

Shaviram Group met with the Parish Council and explained they have adapted the designs for the development in response the feedback they received from Councillors and residents. A meeting was due to be held for residents to view the designs, but due to Covid-19 this has been cancelled. A leaflet has been sent to households in Sandhills and Risinghurst North to encourage residents to view the plans online and comment. An online public meeting has been planned for the opportunity to question the developers and design team. They will also be meeting members of the Parish Council to discuss any concerns.

November 2020:

Now that the conversion of the old Nielsen Buildings has been completed into 134 1- and 2-bedroom apartments for rent, the site behind the buildings has now been identified for development as indicated in the Oxford City Local Plan. A presentation was made at the last Parish Council meeting by a team from the owners/developers and architects. The proposal is for 426 dwellings and a 167 room hotel. The development team are planning to have an open event at which residents will be able to see the plans and make their comments.

Due to the current Pandemic, the development team have instead produced a consultation web site for the new Thornhill Park Development