Your Parish Councillors


David Adams

  • Chairman
  • Planning Representative for Sandhills
  • Finance & HR Subcommittee
  • Verge Management Working Group
  • Grounds Working Group
  • Sandhills Notice Board


Parish Councillor since 2018

Chairman from 2020+

I was born in Oxford, lived in Old Headington and attended St Andrew’s C of E school. I studied engineering at university and spent most of my working days in research and development within the motor industry in the Midlands. I returned to Oxford in 2011 with my late wife to live in Sandhills, retired in 2012 and was co-opted onto the Parish Council in October 2017. During the pandemic of 2020, I was chairman of a small emergency committee that kept the council operating when full council meetings were not possible. I became chairman of the PC in 2021. I was one of Peter Jacques’ (our late groundsman) volunteer team helping him keep the playing field and woodland under control, and continue to volunteer with the new team on Thursdays. I am a Parish Path warden. I have two daughters and four grandchildren.

I seek to represent our residents in any way I can. I was and will continue to be heavily involved in campaigning against the loss of the Green Belt around Oxford, in particular the proposed development on Bayswater Farm Field. To relax, I play golf, sing in a choir, listen to music and volunteer.


Nadia Amin


  • Playing Field Improvement working group


Parish Councillor since 2018

Steve Fuller

  • Finance and HR committee
  • Grounds Working group
  • Play Park Safety Inspection representative for Olive Jacks field and Richards Way ballcourt
  • Play Park repairs
  • Roundway Notice Board 


Parish Councillor since 1994

Chairman from 1996-2006

Co-vice Chair 2006-2008

Vice-Chairman 2020+

Outside interests:  Artistic swimming coach, judge and referee with Oxford and Witney Artistic Swimming Club


Alex Jenkinson

  • Finance and HR committee (Chairman)
  • Grass verge management working group (Chairman)
  • Playing Fields Improvement working group


Parish Councillor since 2021

Jane Kerry


Parish Councillor since 2022

Jackie Merritt

  • Planning Representative for Wood Farm
  • Wood Farm Notice Board


Parish Councillor since 2019

I have been living on Wood Farm for 34 years. As well as being a Parish Councillor, I am a school governor at Wood Farm Primary School. 


In the early 1990’s myself and a group of Mums started the Wood Farm youth club which has evolved and is still running today. My late Husband’s family lived here from the time the houses were first built.


As a Senior Science Technician my interest is of course science. I have a big passion for history especially Social History.


Michael Philpott

  • Play Park Safety Inspection representative for Downside Dip


Parish Councillor since 2012

Roz Smith

  • Finance and HR committee


Parish Councillor 2009-2021 and 2022+


Derek Taylor

  • Planning Representative for Risinghurst
  • Grounds Working group
  • Drainage Working Group
  • Playing Fields Improvement working group
  • Risinghurst Notice Board


Parish Councillor since 2000

Vice-Chairman 2013-2020

I became a resident of Risinghurst Estate after getting married in 1965. I have three married sons and seven grandchildren. I have always been interested in the community as a whole, and sport, and as a family we have appreciated the facility of the sports field which is available to the estate..

I was a trustee of the recreation ground until it was disbanded, and then I joined the Parish Council and took on the role of planning advisor.. I have always been involved in community work which began with the estate hosting a firework display, and this went on to promote “It’s a knock- out “competition between roads and led onto the community fete. I was for many years with the Scout movement in Collinwood Road church and I am still involved with the warrants committee for the movement. I am a member of Holy Trinity Church Headington Quarry and a member of the PCC for many years but am still involved with their plans for the future.

Carol Walton

  • Playing Fields Improvement working group


Parish Councillor since 2020

 I joined the PC back in 2020. I have been a resident in Sandhills since 2012, having spent my childhood years in Risinghurst. Since retiring I  have wanted to become more active in the community.

As a member of the Playing Fields Working Group, I am keen to help oversee the area developed in a sensitive way to suit the whole community.

Register of Members Interests

    • All elected members of a Parish Council are required by law (Local Government Act 2000) to complete a register of interests form within 28 days of taking office, to provide details of any financial or other interests that might give rise to a conflict of interest, when undertaking their duties as a Parish Councillor. They must also keep it up to date within 28 days of a change taking place.

      Parish Councillors must also declare if they have an interest in any of the matters being discussed at a Parish Council meeting. This can be done when they complete their general declaration form, and at meetings of the Parish Council.