History of the Development of Risinghurst and Sandhills


Thanks to Stephanie Jenkins for permission to link to her research on Sandhills and Risinghurst. Links to the pages at Headington.org for the details are as follows:



Risinghurst in 1935. Thanks to Peter Taylor for providing research on aerial photos through the years. For more aerial views and details of where to access them click the following link: Aerial photos of Risinghurst through the years

Combined Risinghurst Playing fields with Olive Jacks Memorial Field

Oxfordshire Gardens Trust have a full report, with thanks to Felix Lam for permission to link her report. See the full details at City of Oxford – Oxfordshire Gardens Trust (ogt.org.uk) at https://ogt.org.uk/oxfordshire-gardens/city-of-oxford/

Risinghurst Playing Fields: The public park was bought by Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council in 1959, with the help of The Playing Fields Association. The purchase of the park was in response to the growing need of recreational space in the expanding population of the parishes of Risinghurst and Sandhills. The conveyance of land between Nielsen and the Parish Council stated it was for the ‘purposes of the Physical Training and Recreation Act, 1937’. To that end the Parish Council raised funds to provide a fit-for-purpose recreation space, including a changing pavilion. Before the official opening in 1965 the park had to be cleared of some trees, levelled and drained. Since then it has become home for a range of cricket and football clubs and enjoys an annual fireworks display and summer fete.

Olive Jacks Memorial Field (OJMF): A public area for children was a gift to the Parish from Rev’d Dr Lawence Pearsall Jacks in 1951. The gift was in memory of his wife Olivia and was particularly designated for children, with the wish that play would be supervised by an adult. OJMF is off Kiln Lane in Risinghurst, Oxford and joins onto the recreation ground.

See the full report by clicking the link: Risinghurst Recreation ground and OJMF History report